Lente & Zomer Collectie is Hier

CaliforniaWe are very happy to announce that we have a gorgeous spring/summer collection this year.   Lana Grossa California and Lang Sol yarns offer new qualities of cotton or cotton and viscose that really feel wonderfully soft in your hands, elastic on the needles,  and they are perfect for summer knitting.  The colors are bright and rich, without being garish.  The knitted fabric is elastic but holds its shape.  When you try this yarn, you won’t be able to put it down.

AllegroPerlaAllegro is a multicolor cotton and viscose mix and Perla has beads embedded into this very soft and elegant 100% cotton yarn.


Digitaler Bilderrahmen18The new Spring/Summer Filati collection pattern books are here now.   To the right, is a summer jacket knit in the beautiful Allegro, as seen above.

Come in to see our beautiful selection of yarns and books available for your year-round knitting pleasure.